Winery In Montepulciano

This recently built winery is 1600sqm, in a multipurpose structure of two floors. The upper floor, on ground level, has been constructed with all modern technology required for working with grapes and wine. At harvest time the winery is ready to receive the vast amount of grapes in stainless steel baths where the malolactic fermentation occurs. The lower floor, below ground level, receives the medium and large sized Italian oak barrels which hold the red wine while it ages for months. The correct ambient temperature allows the wine to evolve and helps enrich the flavours. The winery is located South East of Montepulciano, the vines stretch through the rolling hills towards the Val di Chiana, reflected by the lakes of Montepulciano, Chiusi and Trasimeno. The earth is lime clay with shallow tufa substrate characterized by layers of yellow stone (also known as Devil's stone) and in 10 Hectares of this 7Ha are dedicated to the production of vino Nobile. The vines are cultivated on barbed wire and the land is worked seasonally to achieve the best quality final product. The moderate microclimate of cold winters and hot summers with wet spring and autumn plays a role in the perfect maturing of the grapes.

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Local area:
10 ha
6,000,000.00 €