Siena is located in Tuscany and it is considered the most beautiful province of the region and its area has been named "The Gardens of Tuscany"

The city is known for its rich  historical, artistic, landscape  heritage  and its substantial stylistic unity of the urban medieval.

Its historic center is a medieval city so rich in  of artworks  to look like an open air museum and for this is nominated part of UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Within the historic center of Siena we were found sites of Etruscan, which may suggest the founding of the city by the Etruscans.
The first document  that talk about Siena is dating back ’70, Siena in the tenth century was the center of important trade routes that led to Rome and, thanks to what became an important medieval city.
Visitors to Siena for the Palio is overwhelmed by the passion and ardor of the people of Siena, proud of their traditions,the palio has medieval origins and even today the city lives as a function of Palio here each district is a small city inside to the City of Siena.

The days of the Palio are the same as always July 2 (Palio of the Madonna of Provenzano) and August 16 (Palio of the Assumption)

Siena at this time is sold out but actually the Palio in Siena is all year for preparations and various celebrations
but it is the way to live the city of Siena by the Sienese people  the only one  Italian population remained attached to its tradition and that  live  the city as it was done in ancient times with his life in the streets of the borough its craft shops  its cafes and its taverns.
 Siena is an  exciting city among the beautiful Tuscan hills, Siena is a concentration of historic buildings , little streets and spectacular squares and monuments.

The heart of the city is Piazza del Campo,”il campo” with its original with its original shell shape divided into nine sectors and with the elegant flooring and  with the extraordinary Torre del Mangia   that is over 100 meters     
and the Municipal Palace that preserve some unique frescoes,On the square is the Fonte Gaia original of 1346
from Piazza del Campo quickly reaches the Loggia of the Merchants and Piazza del Duomo. Here stands the church masterpiece of Italian Gothic novel, the Cathedral of Siena, with the unmistakable facade
marble made by Nicola Pisano at the end of the thirteenth century.

The city has the most beautiful Artworks arts of  Italy as the “Pergamo of marble of “Il Pisano” and numerous pieces of art by Donatello, Duccio and Bernin. The Piccolomini Library contains workart  of  Michelangelo and Pinturicchio.  

Un'altra forma d'arte in cui i Senesi sono maestri - è  l’arte enogastronomica  La cucina di Siena, è un tripudio di sapori decisi ottenuti con prodotti genuini, accompagnati da vini pregiati : Chianti, il Vino Nobile di
Montepulciano, il Brunello di Montalcino e la Vernaccia di San Gimignano
I più popolari sono
pici, , la ribollita di verdure e legumi con pane abbrustolito,gli arrosti di
cacciagione ed i  dolci : i cavallucci , i ricciarelli  e il panforte.

In questa città ogni stagione ha le sue peculiarità: la primavera e l'autunno sono ottimi per temperatura e luce, l'estate è calda e assolata,  infine l'inverno
può raggiungere valori sotto lo zero, ma porta con sé tutto il fascino dell'atmosfera natalizia.

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