Todi is named "the most livable city in the world”.

Todi is a mediaeval town with a unique beauty and elegance and  stands atop a hill dominating the wonderful valley of the Tiber. Legend has it that The Eagle pointed out where to raise the city of Todi and why the eagle is still the coat of arms of Todi.

Situated a few kilometers from Perugia and Orvieto, Todi is limited in three rings of walls (Etruscan, Roman and medieval) that enclosing countless treasures. Among the things to do in Todi is Piazza del Popolo the heart of the city which is overlooked by some of the most important buildings of the historic center which are opposed, with a striking effect, Here you can admire the Municipal Palace , the Art Gallery,the Etruscan Museum Romano, the Palazzo del Capitano, the Palazzo dei Priori. The Cathedral of Todi, born twelfth century
on the ruins of a temple dedicated to the god Apollo that It is characterized by the staircase and the Romanesque façade, from the top of the stairs, the view of the entire square is unique. To understand the beauty of Todi we must to make a visit to his underground treasures, The Cisterns built by the Romans they are located just below the Piazza del Popolo.

A tour in the city of Todi is a dip in medieval age within the narrow alleys were its  open the doors of the ancient craft shops of medieval times.

In Todi is the house painted  by Patrick Ireland (alias Brian O’Doherty) and of Barbara Novack, true work of contemporary art that hides deep symbolic meanings.

The district is one of the greatest of Umbria, is mostly hilly and consists of many small settlements.
THE city is very much alive in the winter with many festivals but also with many representations artistic -culturali .

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