Umbria is for sure  least famous and popular of the nearby Tuscan but here we can find unspoilt and real sinuous valleys and ancient villages still full of genuine life which is why Umbria is an enchanted region.

The Umbria region is the omphalos of Italy and it consists of hills,mountains,valleys.
In the region there is the Lake Trasimeno one of the most important in Italy of volcanic origin were around there were settlements of Etruscan origin that  can visit thanks  the numerous archaeological sites.

The Umbria is the region of the “Cascate delle Marmore” the waterfalls the most sumptuous of Europe with a leap of 165 meters and the destination of many sports lovers of canoeing and kayaking.
One of the most important city is Assisi “The religion City” were is born San Francesco, patron of Italy.
In the Terni province we find Orvieto with its stunning cathedral a masterpiece of Gothic Art. and its wonderful  historical centre of medieval origins and with the famous “well of San Patrizio”
Gubbio is the most ancient village of Umbria that reached its greatest splendor  during the Middle Ages .They are demonstrated by its jewelery , the cathedral, the palace of the consuls and the Ducal Palace.
Spoleto is the city more picturesque of Umbria with its millenary history and its medieval and Renaissance architecture still intact.
Spoleto is the city that is the backdrop to the Festival of Two Worlds in a spectacular festival with an atmosphere of great artistic quality.

This and more is the Umbria region to visit to discover to live.

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